Splitwise: Best Way to Split Trip Expenses With Friends

splitwise wiki
splitwise wiki

If a friend is crashing for a couple of nights on your couch, calculate what percentage of the rent they should contribute. This is best used for longer-term couch-stays, rather than a one or two-night visit. Splitwise itself does not charge any fees for using PayPal, Venmo, or Paytm. There are, however, some partners that may charge certain service fees. You can also use PayPal or Venmo, if you’re in a supported country, directly on the Splitwise app. Violet is a current software engineer, ex semanticist, poser philosopher, and cancer stellium.

He also loves learning new things, his wife and children, and his Nespresso machine. Jess is a Rubyist who loves helping other people. In his previous lives, he was a teacher and a submariner. He believes that specialization is for insects and is trying to experience the full range of human endeavor.

Splitwise beta testers have had a blast uploading roommate selfies, scenic shots from trips, and memes. Itemized receipt scanning in particular has become a favorite among the Splitwise team and is great for large grocery receipts or splitting a complex dinner bill item-by-item. Today, Splitwise is launching a major refresh of our entire platform, including our mobile apps, homepage, and logo. GetGroups() can be used to fetch all the splitwise groups of the current user. UpdateUser can be used to update the details of the splitwise user.

splitwise wiki

We like how this app is very detailed, although it comes with a bit of complexity. Once you’ve created your group, you and your friends can all start adding expenses! Go to your group, then hit the «Add bill» button. You’ll be asked for various details about your expense, like the total cost, who paid, and how much each person should owe.

If the other user does not exist, you must supply user_first_name. If the other user exists, user_first_name and user_last_name will be ignored. Does not succeed if the user has a non-zero balance.

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The library expects consumer key and consumer secret of Splitwise and can be fetched after registering your application here. Simplified debts graph returned by the algorithmSo it can be seen that the algorithm reduces the total number of transactions needed to resolve all debts from 9 to 6 in case of our example. My implementation of the above-mentioned algorithm can be found here. It outputs the final sequence of transactions to be made after simplifying debts. For the graph shown in Figure 1, it outputs the following set of minimum transactions to be carried out to resolve all debts within the group. Feed the debts in the form of a directed graph (let’s represent it by G) to the algorithm.

Screenshot from SplitwiseDuring, before, or after your trip, you will have full access to your balances as well as everyone else’s by navigating to your group’s trip page on Splitwise. You will see each expense, the date when that expense was made, and who was involved in that expense. If you don’t owe something from that particular expense, you will see “not involved” beside it like in the example above of a New Orleans group trip.

Splitwise also allows you to choose from over 100 currencies, which makes it even more convenient! If you have friends who speak different languages other than English, they can change their language settings on their apps without affecting yours. If you’re interested splitwise wiki in using Splitwise to manage shared expenses, be they rent costs or restaurant bills, the first step is to open a new account. You need to provide a name, an email address and a password – that’s it. Once you’ve registered for an account, create a new group.

Per Bittner, Splitwise has attracted tens of millions of registered users who have shared or managed what it calculates to be $90 billion since 2011. The startup declined to share active user numbers, but as it is merely raising a Series A, we gave it an early-stage pass on more concrete usage metrics. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

  • There’s no way to pay your friends directly via the app.
  • Therefore, it’s perfectly possible to share details of one bill with a friend but still keep them from accessing information about others.
  • Splitwise includes this function so anyone can correct mistakes or fix problems with their finances.
  • Once you click on Settle Up, Splitwise will let you choose how you want to pay for that balance.
  • Steve and Phil have set up a Monthly Rent group on Splitwise.

Now let’s try deducing the algorithm that might be running under the hood of this Splitwise feature with the help of the example shown below. The type value indicates what the notification is about. Notification types may be added in the future without warning. Below is an incomplete list of notification types. The group to put this expense in, or 0 to create an expense outside of a group.


You should present this key to the server via the Authorization header as a Bearer token. The API key is an access token for your personal account, so keep it as safe as you would a password. If your key becomes compromised or you want to invalidate your existing key for any other reason, you can do so on the app details page by generating a new key.

We’ve also introduced a new visual language to discern groups from friends in the interface. Now, groups are represented by rounded rectangles, while friends are represented by circles. The Providence, Rhode Island-based company was founded by Jonathan Bittner, Marshall Weir, and Ryan Laughlin, who handles the web design and development, in 2011. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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So, make sure you’re using the most recent email sent to you by Splitwise. Sometimes, it can take a little while for the email to appear. If it hasn’t arrived after ten minutes, repeat the process to request a new email link. The Splitwise app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Raeesha is a freelance travel writer on a mission to reveal authentic experiences, unparalleled adventures, and sustainable travel choices the world has in store for wanderlusts. Her travel pieces encapsulate the diverse culture, heritage, and nature-bound attractions of different destinations.

It will take you back to Splitwise and a page where you can enter new password details. When a group wants to go through a realtor to acquire a vacation rental, the app makes it easier for the agent to divide the costs among the renters so everyone gets treated fairly in the deal. It’s also good for the temporary renters to use on their own so they can determine how to divide the cost for accommodations. If you have feedback, praise, complaints, or other thoughts about the new direction, please reach out to or use the Contact Us option in the Account tab to get in touch. New, varied default avatars add a punch of color, make it easier to find someone specific on the Friends tab, and help you visually distinguish between people with similar usernames.

List the current user’s groups

It returns a JSON string containing all the friend details. Parameters are the same as in create_expense, but you only need to include parameters that are changing from the previous values. If any values is supplied for users____, allshares for the expense will be overwritten with the provided values. I wish to delete my feedback profile and all personal data from this site. From surveys and app reviews, we know that millions of couples already use Splitwise to manage their relationship finances.

For example, if Emily owes Jane $50 and Jane owes Grace $50, rather than making two separate payments, Splitwise would tell Emily to pay Grace $50. You can record a cash payment if you prefer using paying in person with cash. Take note, any person involved in a bill or a group has the ability to view, edit, and delete any bill. Splitwise includes this function so anyone can correct mistakes or fix problems with their finances. Daniel is from South Korea, and he believes a good user experience can make people’s lives very convenient.

Expenses assigned to a group are split among the users of that group. Importantly, two users in a Group can also have expenses with one another outside of the Group. We refreshed the add expense form to improve ease of use. Most notably, we built a new interface for splitting expenses unequally. The changes make it easier to know which split method is best for a given scenario and enter all the amounts. In April 2021, Splitwise Inc announced they had raised $20 million in Series A funding led by global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners.

These rights apply on a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, royalty-free basis, without any right to sub-license, and may be revoked by Splitwise at any time. Splitwise may use your name, and other contact details to contact you regarding your use of our API or, if we believe you are in violation of this contract. You will delete Splitwise Data as requested within a reasonable time, if so requested by either a Splitwise User or Splitwise Inc. You will not use Splitwise’s name to endorse or promote any product, including a product derived from Splitwise Materials. Splitwise may modify this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on our website.